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NKM Camps

NKM Camps are born from the combination of our tennis training with the experience of knowing City of Barcelona. NKM exclusively designs camps for groups of children, youth or adults of all levels and can be organized both in summer and in winter on the dates required. The great goal of our camps is for our clients to enjoy an ideal tennis environment and to get to know Barcelona, ​​discover a magical city and be able to continue with our great passion, tennis. At NKM camps we offer:

  • Personalized planning for the group.
  • Informative dossier of personalized activities and schedules.
  • Daily tennis training morning and afternoon in group.
  • Daily physical preparation in group in the Training Box center.
  • Training and psychological support.
  • Accommodation in a hotel or residence associated with the Academy.
  • Medical care, physiotherapy and nutrition service.
  • Weekend parties.
  • Restaurant located inside the facilities.
  • Experience Pack BARCELONA (tours).
  • Transportation for players and families.

The hours of tennis and physical preparation will be those that the client requests us. The activities and schedules will also be organized according to the needs of the group. Below we show you a possible planning of weekly activities:

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